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Discipleship begins with faith. The main objective of Sister Talk: Faith is to increase your desire to follow Christ and come to a better understanding of what it means to live a life of faith.

Stacy says:

There’s a moment in time when a child raised by two loving parents who have placed their faith in Jesus comes to a decision. A time when all the teaching and church going… the Bible songs and praying becomes a question… a thought…

I remember the moment like yesterday. I was hanging out on the green shag carpet in front of the television trying to decide which of the three channels to watch. I reached up, turned the dial and the couple caught my attention. There they sat telling stories of God changing the lives of others. Miraculous healings… supernatural power… prophesy… and I had one thought, one short prayer.

God, if this is you then I want it. I want all of it!”

I look back at my preteen self and giggle. Because years of living taught me not everything you see on television is real, but in the moment… the prayer I prayed was real. My “heart was strangely warmed” and the faith of my parents became mine on the green carpet that day.

God answered this young girl’s prayer of wanting it all by creating a hunger for His presence and His word. This hunger continues today… driving me to seek Him in the living out of each day. 

For me… this is discipleship… this is faith.

Carol says:

Sitting in an ICU waiting room with a three month old on my lap, Jesus showed up and captured my heart. 

My mom was dying. My brother came and sat next to me after praying with her. He told me after they prayed she said, “I trust. I trust.”

That was the moment faith flooded my soul. I gave my heart to Him. I was His, because He brought my dear sweet Mama comfort in the face of death.

It was the start of a life changing journey. Following Him. Meeting Him in His Word and through prayer. Learning my own need for Him. Receiving freedom, comfort, joy, and peace through a long walk of obedience. I can now say I’m His because of what He’s done for me, not just my mom.

Through Sister Talk: Faith we share how we’ve come from these beginnings of faith to where we are today. Both of us still walking by faith, still learning, still growing.

We feel so blessed to share our stories. Thank you for joining us. May God use Sister Talk: Faith to create in you a hunger for more. More of Him in every way.

Carol & Stacy

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  1. This is so great! Thank you for doing this blog!! I am going to post it on my community resource page for others to follow. I will be reading and comment too. God is so wonderful!

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