Carol says:

I asked my son to get me something.

He said, “Mom? Are you in a doing mood? You sound like you’re in a doing mood.”

I said I’m not. But as the words came out of my mouth I was in the process of emptying out my pantry. Moths had hatched from something and I was in search and destroy mode. In the process of hunting down moths and their larvae, I was also cleaning and tossing. Something I hadn’t done since we moved in the house twelve years ago. (I probably shouldn’t admit that but transparency, that’s one of the things we’re about here.)

His question made me think…  the day before I cleaned my bedroom, my bathroom, did all my laundry, cleaned the kitchen and den, and actually made dinner. Not to mention the work I did for ministry. I am in a doing mood

Then the words of the other sister came to mind regarding recent struggles with life and spiritual attacks: Labor pains… ugh!

And it struck me: I’m nesting!

Tuesday, July 5, we begin to teach Sister Talk: Resuscitate Your Faith. A study we’re in the process of writing. The study found here on this blog. The birthing process is about to happen and apparently even for a spiritual birth there’s nesting to do.

Tuesday is the day the posts will start appearing here, just as we release them in our group. As you follow Sister Talk we encourage you to find a sister or two to talk with as you go through Resuscitate Your Faith. Every week there will be five days of study to do on your own. The sixth day will be a session going deeper into the previous week’s study along with questions to consider. This is where it would be great to have someone along with you to process what you’re learning.

So, invite a friend and come along with us on this faith journey.

Nesting. The time is soon. Can’t wait to get started.


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