Going Deeper: Week 1/Day 3

Read Romans 1:20

God’s invisible nature and eternal power are seen through the things He’s made. Psalm 19 says “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims his handiwork.” Nature as God created it can move us to a stronger belief… a deeper faith.

Take a walk today if time permits, glance at a few pictures of creation, or consider a mountain range… the ocean.

Does creation inspire you to believe in God?

What part of His invisible nature does it reveal?

What in creation leaves you in awe of His power?

One thought on “Going Deeper: Week 1/Day 3

  1. In the Spring, I always look at all the wonderful shades of green of the budding trees, and realize that God could have made them all one color, but I feel he made them as they are for us to enjoy and see only a small part of his creative abilities.

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