Going Deeper: Week 1/Day 4

God created us with an emptiness only He can fill. We can see it in the world today. People attempting to fill the void with wealth, drugs, possessions. It is an infinite list.

Read Isaiah 55: 1-3

Is there a place within you that feels empty?

Take an honest look at how you attempt to fill the void. What “something” do you fill the void with?

Filling emptiness with worldly things leaves us still wanting. What is God calling you to do in order to satisfy the longing?

How can you turn to Him to fill your every need?

One thought on “Going Deeper: Week 1/Day 4

  1. I appreciate being a part of this group. Receiving the emails and doing the bible reading is helping me to renew my interest in scripture and study of his word. When our son died last year, I started feeling an emptiness that I haven’t felt since I became a Christian. Drawing back closer to the Lord is helping fill that emptiness again.

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