Week 7/Day 1 – Praise

Are you memorizing scripture along with us? Scroll down to see this weeks memory verse.

Praising God is not thanking Him for things He’s done. We’ll get to this topic soon. Praising God is celebrating who God is.  It’s true God knows who He is, and He doesn’t need us to praise Him. We need to praise Him. When we praise God we ground ourselves in the very character of God. We remember who He is in the midst of our praise.

God will lead us in praise when we prayerfully ask Him. Pray this simple prayer:

“What can I praise you for today Lord?”

Listen. If a word comes to mind, look up the definition, maybe even search for a Scripture to go with the word of praise. Take a moment to praise Him in the way He leads you.

What significance does this praise have for you?


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