Week 10/Day 5: Intercession

Begin by reciting or writing this week’s memory verse.

What effect has turning your complaints into intercession had on you this week?

Read Psalm 107:1-32

What happens over and over, in this psalm?

List the different troubles and God’s intervention to their cries for Him to intercede in their lives.

What motivates God’s response to those who cry out to Him in prayer? What response does the psalmist call the redeemed to give?

God loves all He created. He sent His Son to intercede for us in our trouble with sin. When we cry out in need, He responds in steadfast love.

Read the verses again.

What person or situation comes to mind as you consider the troubles and needs? Cry out to God on their behalf. Intercede for the situation, pray His Word back to Him. Then: Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever.

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