Week 11/Day 2: The Importance of Trust

Be sure to review the memory verse this week.

And have you received one word for the year?

Day 2:

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want… Psalm 23:1

Trust and wanting go hand in hand.

Read James 4:2

Desires become unbalanced when we are not in right relationship with God. Our focus on what brings joy and peace can become skewed.  It is a vicious cycle of wanting… getting… and then realizing we are left wanting more.

It might be better to not want at all… to consider any desire we have untrustworthy. But this is not God’s way.

Read Psalm 37:4

Name three things you desire most. Write them down.

Is it possible to trust God alone to fulfill the desires you placed on your list? Imagine taking each one and placing it at the foot of the cross. Now let go… and trust.


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