Week 11/Day 4: The Importance of Trust

Write the memory verse. Recite it out loud.

If you haven’t received one word for the year, continue asking. If you have, begin asking Him for Scripture to help you understand your word better.

Day 4:

Read Psalm 23:4

According to this verse the shepherd had two tools. The staff was a long stick with a crook. Shepherds used it for balance and to retrieve sheep from dangerous situations. The shepherd’s rod was different… shorter. It was used to defend against predators and to discipline wayward sheep.

It is not too difficult to trust God uses His power like the crook of a shepherd’s staff to keep us from harm and pluck us out of dangerous circumstances. But what about the rod? What about His discipline?

Read Hebrews 12:4-9

What benefits do you see to God’s discipline in these verses?

Do you find comfort in God’s care and His discipline? Why or why not?


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