Week 11/Day 5: The Importance of Trust

Write or recite the memory verse from memory. Be sure to include the address.

We’d love to know if you received a word for the year. Consider sharing it with us by leaving a comment below. If you still haven’t heard a word, keep listening.

Day 5

Read Psalm 23

The Scripture is familiar, you may even know it by heart. Take a moment to read the Psalm in another version like The Message.

What images of God float through your thoughts as you read?

Where do you see yourself in these verses?

Read John 10:11

Jesus is our Good Shepherd willing to lay His life down for us. If we trust this to be true then we can trust Him with anything in our own lives.

Is there something you have been holding back… not willing to trust God with?

He will never leave us wanting, nor lead us the wrong way. His death on the cross proved His love for us. This is something to “hang your hat on”… to trust in with all your heart.

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