Week 12/Day 1

Are you memorizing scripture each week. This week’s scripture can be found at the bottom of the page.

Every Sunday morning one of our preachers began worship with this simple saying, “God is good.”

And we would respond,  “All the time.”

It is an easy thing to say, but believing it can be much harder. Remember believing is not just a thought process it takes action. The first action in believing God is good is trusting He’s good even in something or some circumstance, we see as bad.

Read John 2:1-11

Jesus’ mother Mary  presented her problem to Jesus. Think about a problem you’ve been praying about recently.

Now consider Mary’s response in verse 5.

Many times we take the things we consider bad and ask Jesus to change them in some way and then we roll it around in our minds  and try to fix it ourselves. Or we tell Him how to fix it.

Take your problem again to Jesus today and then speak softly to yourself: “Do whatever He says.”

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