One of the things I love about my momma is her knack for handwork. She can crochet, cross stitch, needle point, and knit.  As a young girl she would patiently teach me these beautiful arts. I learned to cross stitch, latch hook, and knit. Don’t ask me to crochet… it was a disaster!

Recently I started knitting again. I chose a project and headed down to mom’s for a tutorial and things went pretty good. The finished project wasn’t perfect, but I relearned a lot and decided to use my leftover thread for a prayer shawl. I searched the internet, looked through patterns, tried one that didn’t work and finally decided on something I thought I could figure out.  I thought wrong.

Each time I attempted the pattern it just wasn’t right, and so the unraveling began. Knit two hours… find your mistakes… unravel, knit… find… unravel. In the end after three tries and several hours all I have to show for it is a pile of string.


Most people would give up, but I’m not most people. I start again. Hoping my fourth time would be the charm. So far so good. My pile of string is becoming something… I hope.


Unraveling is a strange thing. It only takes a few minutes to undo what’s taken hours to do.

Lately I’ve experienced some unraveling in my life. Like God gently pulling yarn to undo what’s been done. Honestly it doesn’t feel so good. Because maybe it’s something I thought was true all my life, or some thing I’ve held close for far too long. And letting go means trusting more. Trusting the unraveling is good… trusting God won’t give up and leave me like a pile of unraveled yarn somewhere.

Knitters unravel to fix their mistakes.

God unravels to redeem. He gently pulls at the mistakes and circumstances in our lives until we’ve become exactly who He created us to be. This takes trusting God is good and all His works are good. Even the unraveling.

Listen sister, we are fearfully and wonderfully made! And God, He doesn’t just make do with mistakes… He doesn’t figure out a way to knit our mess up into the finished project. He redeems it all by unraveling it and reworking it into beauty… pure, perfectly knit beauty!

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