I confess… I’m a backseat driver!

Can I just say, “This week got real, y’all!” It’s my own fault. I spoke the words in an instagram, “this week won’t go like I have planned.” I jinxed myself for sure. I was prepared… prepared for a full, busy week with lots of commitments.

And then a family crisis sends my hubby to family hundreds of miles north. So I’m parenting solo, which means changing my schedule. Not a big deal until…

The middle son decides it might be best if he withdraws from school for a semester six days into classes. Uhh…no! The youngest is coughing and snorting his way through a cold.

… there’s the song at a dear one’s funeral to sing… and my cousin who just found out he has cancer… the songs for worship and little ones singing…

I call my childhood friend and say the only thing I can say, “Jesus, take the wheel!”

She laughs and simply reminds me, “He’s already taken the wheel. You just have to let him drive.” I pause for moment when she hits me where it hurts. Because it’s true I’m letting him drive, but there I am in the backseat making suggestions like He doesn’t know where we’re going. Hello, my name is Stacy, and I am a backseat driver! This is my problem… a trust problem.

It’s Sunday evening, and I finished the last of my commitments just minutes ago. During the short drive home I’m wondering what next week holds. Hoping for a pause in the crazy of my life when the voice on the radio flows out like soothing balm.

Letting go of every single dream
I lay each one down at your feet
Every moment of my wandering
Never changes what you see
I try to win this war
I confess, my hands are weary, I need your rest
Mighty warrior, king of the fight
No matter what I face you’re by my side
When you don’t move the mountains
I’m needing you to move
When you don’t part the waters
I wish I could walk through
When you don’t give the answers
As I cry out to you
I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in you
Truth is you know what tomorrow brings
There’s not a day ahead you have not seen
So let all things be my life and breath
I want what you want Lord and nothing less
I Will Trust In You by Lauren Daigle
Next week starts tomorrow and I have no idea what’s coming my way.  The darkness surrounds me as my headlights shine a path leading me home and as I turn the car off I breathe deep. Because there’s no room for backseat driving when it comes to trusting God. He’s got the wheel, now I just have to let Him drive.
Want to hear Lauren Daigle’s song? Click on the link below.

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