The battlefield of obedience is in our mind. How we see the world, what we believe, all play a factor in our choices. Recently I've been battling a couple of issues, both ultimately based on my trust in Him and His sovereignty. In these battles I've found the need to re-mind. Re-, as a prefix, means again: anew, … Continue reading Re-mind

Week 17/Day 5: Battlefield of Obedience

Read Exodus 3:1-14 What was Moses’ response to God’s instructions? Read Esther 4:1-14 What was Esther’s response to her uncle’s pleas? Excuses, excuses… we all have them. When it comes to obeying God, what excuses do you find yourself making? Go about your day making no excuses. “For you have come to your royal position … Continue reading Week 17/Day 5: Battlefield of Obedience