Week 14/Day 5: Relying on God’s Strength

Memory Verse

All right! You should have it memorized by now. Say it out loud.

After spending time with this verse this week, what has it said to your spirit?

Spiritual Discipline

Consider what you learned from this prayer exercise. How can you incorporate what you learned into your life.

Day 5

Read Psalm 46

Who is God according to the psalmist?

What aspect of God’s strength captures your heart from this psalm?

Is there anything too great for Him to handle? Natural disasters? War? Disease? Financial strains?

Name the trouble or troubles in your life.

Remember He is with you.

Re-read Psalm 46:10

Be still. Cease striving. Bring your troubles to Him. Know He is big enough. Find refuge and strength in Him. Ask Him to exalt Himself through whatever you are facing.

Be still and know that He is God.

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