Week 15/Day 1: God is Truth

Are you memorizing scripture with us this week? Scroll down and find this week’s memory verse at the bottom of the page.

This week’s spiritual discipline is the Examen. A reflective prayer created by St. Ignatius to help us recognize God’s presence in our daily lives. We encourage you to practice this at least once this week.

Read: John 18:33-38

Pilate questions Jesus, and Jesus tells him He has come to bear witness to the truth.

How did Pilate respond?

Pilate’s response, “What is truth” is a question we hear today. People describe truth as if it is always changing or determined by our own perspective.

Read John 14:6

Who does this Scripture say truth is?

How do you find truth? Determine whether something is true or not?

What in your opinion does truth depend on?

Take time to consider the questions. Write your thoughts in your journal.


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