Week 16/Day 2: Trust and Obey

Memory Verse

Write the memory verse three times.

“Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” —Jesus

Luke 11:28

Spiritual Discipline: Don’t Speed!

Have you been watching your speed when you drive?

Day 2

We were created from the beginning to serve. We were not created to be independent beings.

Read Romans 6:16-18

What does this passage say about obedience?

We only have two choices for obedience, what are they?

What are the results of choosing one or the other?

As much as our flesh longs to be in charge, it is all an illusion. No matter who we obey, we are subservient to either sin or righteousness.

How do you feel about being a slave? Who will you choose to obey? Consider which one deserves your trust.

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