Week 18/ Day 4: Obedience – Faith in Action

Have you memorized the memory verse yet?

How’s it going with the spiritual discipline?

Day 4

Read Genesis 39

Joseph’s jealous brothers sold him into slavery, a result of his obedience to his father’s instructions to go check on them.

What else happened to Joseph?

Who was with Joseph?

What does the Word say about Joseph?

The Lord was with Joseph. He is called successful and loved by God. Yet, his obedience led to unjust, unfair consequences. Our acts of obedience do not always turn out the way we think they should.

Read Philippians 2:1-8

What are we called to do and be?

Where did Jesus’s perfect sinless obedience lead Him?

Being obedient does not mean a trouble-free life. How does your faith hold up when you obey to the best of your understanding, but end up hurt?

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