Week 19/Day 1

Are you practicing the suggested spiritual discplines? Let’s take a Time Out this week!

Jesus promises when we obey at his invitation, come under His yoke, we will have rest for our souls. So what’s happening when we get out of sorts during the day? Cranky? Exhausted? Maybe it is time to take a time out and see who you are obeying, yourself or Him?

Instead of muscling through  the next thing on your list when you notice yourself  a bit snappy or weary take a  few minutes (3-5) and re-center yourself in God.

Breathe deep, take a quiet walk, sit and recite your memory verse. Talk to God about your feelings, what you are supposed to be doing, and imagine Jesus lifting His side of the yoke… sharing the  work and weight with you.

We know you may think, “I don’t have time for that!” What’s five minutes really in the span of 12 waking hours? We did the math and it is only .007 of your day. (Maybe this is James Bond’s secret!)

Memory Verse:

Write you memory verse on index card and carry it with you as you memorize His word.

Today’s Lesson

Read Matthew 22:1-10

Jesus is teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven. Who was called to the feast first?

Those who already received an invitation were called to the wedding feast. They knew the date and time.

What were their excuses for not coming?

One went to his farm the other to his business. They didn’t want to yield their way to the King’s. They’ve attended weddings before, there will be more in the future.

Who did the King invite after the refusal of the first? How did they respond?

You’ve probably been invited to many things in your life. What one invitation were you the most excited about? Why? What made it different than the rest?

How does it make you feel to consider obedience to Him as an invitation to a great wedding feast?




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