Week 20/Day 4: Obedience-An Act of Love

Review your memory verse and don’t forget to look for opportunities to bless Jesus with a hug today.

Day 4

Read Matthew 25:14-30 (See Matthew 24:3 for what the it is Jesus is referring to.)

The man entrusted his servants with portions of his property. He intended them to use the talents on his behalf to increase his estate while he was gone.

How many servants obeyed?

How many disobeyed?

What was the reason for disobedience?

Does fear drive your obedience or disobedience to God?

Read 1 John 4:18-21

What does love cast out?

What does fear have to do with?

Jesus proved His love for us. The only command we have is to love Him and others.

Why do you fear obedience?

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