Week 22/Day 2: One Word for Love?

Our first word for love in the Greek language is storge.

This is a love connoting natural affection between relatives. It is the cherishing of one’s kindred, especially parents or children.

Read Romans 12:9-13

Take a look at verse 10 once more. The first half of this verse translated as kindly affectionate, devoted, or love comes from a Greek word with storge as its root.

Storge is the natural movement of the soul for husband, wife, child, or even pet.

Who do you have a natural love for in your life? Why?

God created us to love. This storge love comes naturally… it has its basis in our own nature. It can’t be manufactured or forced by our own will. The more devotion we have to God… the more supernatural affection we have for His children.


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