Week 23/Day 1: A Friend’s Love

Memory Verse for A Friend’s Love

“… Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends…”

John 15:13


Spiritual Discipline: A Friendship Colloquy

A colloquy is basically a conversation or dialogue. So is prayer, a conversation between us and God. Sometimes in conversations we tend to do all the talking. It happens in prayer too.

Consider having a conversation, a colloquy, with Jesus. The point of the exercise is to begin to view prayer as a conversation between you and God. We often pray hoping God will speak to us in return, and then we are often surprised if and when He does. The very definition of a conversation has a give and receive understanding at its core.

Here is the link to the PDF of the prayer journal: Going Deeper – Session 23 – A Father’s Love – Colloquy Journal Page

Use the pages to record your prayer and God’s response. It may seem weird at first. After you record your prayer, simply write the thoughts you have next.

Once you’ve finished let it sit for a day or two, then review your conversation with God. What sticks out, does it line up with God’s Word? What did you learn?

Day 1

One of the important things we come to realize when we discuss the love of friends, is we choose them.

We don’t necessarily get to choose our family, but those we call friends are people we choose to hang out with and talk on the phone to. They are people we have affection for and generally like being around.

Consider your closest friends. Make a list of the characteristics or qualities you like about them.

Read John 15:12-15

What great love is described in the verses?

Who does Jesus call friend?

Have you considered Jesus chose you as His friend? Why or why not?

Jesus wants to be your friend, not because He has to, but because He is very fond of you.

Respond to His friendship in prayer.

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