Summer Soak: Love Always Protects, Always Trusts

Maybe we should rename Tuesday… Trust-day. Because it takes trust to gather with others and share our stories, our hearts, ourselves. As we gather, we learn to love others. It moves us to protect the hearts of those we share with and trust them to do the same.

We hope you have gathered a sister or two to trust your heart to today. Let’s dive in and see how protecting and trusting have worked love down deep into our heart and souls.

Carol says:

There are many ways to cover someone with God’s love in the middle of their stormy season. But one thing He’s led me to, one thing people come to me for, is prayer.

I’m not sure how it happened. Becoming known as someone who prays for others. It constantly amazes me the ones who come. People I hardly know. People who I’ve been acquainted with but haven’t seen in years. Some come through my husband who works in the medical field. People ask him to ask me to pray for them.

God has led me to pray for strangers I come across. Those I spend just enough time with for them to share their current stormy story. The Spirit has prompted me to ask, Can I pray for you? in Walmart, a tractor parts store, and in parking lots. Only once has anyone said, No. Most are grateful for the prayer and filled with joy at the encounter. I can only assume they feel loved and covered.

Some at church tell me I have “a direct line to God.” And I wonder why they think I’m any different than any other Believer. Aren’t we all to pray? Shouldn’t we all be this kind of spiritual roof for others? Calling on our Savior to work in the lives of those He loves?

There’s nothing special about what I do. He’s the One who does whatever He does through me. He’s special. I’m ordinary. Just following an Extraordinary Extra-loving God.

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

Ephesians 6:18 NIV

Stacy says:

As the week draws to a close I considered how to complete the spiritual discpline. What should I do for play? As I began to think of something I wanted to do, I was reminded of something I did this morning.

It was my Sunday to lead Children’s church. We gathered in our room, talked about Joshua and Rahab. We pretended to be spies and answered trivia questions. The brown-haired girl prayed for us, Lord, help us to be spies with a good report.

We head outside to play. I sit down on the play car and the two year old climbs in with me.

Where are we going? I ask.

She shrugs her shoulders and so I respond, Let’s go to the zoo. You can drive!

And we’re off to the zoo. Pretty soon there are four of us in the front seat, tiny girls standing on each wheel, and three holding on to the back. We enjoy the zoo, pretend we’re flamingos standing on one leg. A tiger bites the young girl’s foot. We visit the elephants, giraffes, and butterflies. It’s a hot day at the zoo so we drive to the waterpark, slide down slides, swim in the lazy river.

We finish our outing with the spiky haired boy driving us to get ice cream. Chocolate cones for everyone!

Yes, we imagined it. No, we never left the playground. But Oh, the fun we had. Maybe as much fun as if we were actually at the zoo.

Playing with the kids this morning reminded me God’s gift of imagination is a beautiful thing. And I wonder, would a zoo exist without someone imagining it before it ever happened? Maybe imagination is where faith begins.

Lately, I’ve been a bit leary of dreaming… imagining. It feels risky even to think big thoughts. It seems I’ve developed a trust issue when it comes to dreaming big.

Not once when we were playing this morning did a child look at me and say, We can’t go to the zoo. Not one child ran off claiming, Mrs. Stacy has lost her mind!

Playing reminded me I serve a big God and trusting Him means allowing myself to dream big. It doesn’t mean every dream I have is from Him, or that it will become a reality. But I am sure of one thing, if I can’t even imagine the places He wants to take me, then I’m certain I will never get there.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1

He always protects, always trusts, because He is love. Because He is, we can.

Next, we enter into our final teaching of Summer Soak: Hope & Perseverance.

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