An Advent Offering

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given…

Isaiah 9:6 ESV

It’s the season of Advent. Time to consider His coming. What it means. How we live in response. And how we wait for His return.

Carol says:

The project began as a way to introduce my small children to His story. I never intended it to be a book. But He had other plans.

Today, it’s available in paperback. When before it was just virtual.

I wonder at His faithfulness and the way He finds uses for me.

The book is presented humbly, as an offering to Him. Hopefully for His pleasure and for the encouragement of His people.

Stacy says:

As I peaked into the box yesterday and removed the packing paper covering Carol’s books it was like uncovering buried treasure. And I am beyond excited for her… for us.

Our young friend working alongside of us in the shop watched as I opened the box and said, I want to write a book some day. As they talked about her dream I hear the murmur, Twelve years… in response to the question: How long did it take?

What was once an idea inspired so that the sister might share Jesus with her children, is now bound pages printed in black and white. It took time, lots of time to get to this point and she didn’t see it coming. Honestly, no one did except the One who planted the idea, and provided the faith which produced the fruit she now shares with the world.

Each time I think about it, I feel joy bubbling to the surface I can hardly control. She’ll read the words I write here and deny her part. She’ll tell you about the faithfulness of God and His words given to form this book. She’ll attempt to fade into the background and let His work shine.

Like the star hanging over the stable, her words help us navigate the Advent journey until we find ourselves kneeling before the child quietly sleeping in cloths, lying in a manger. And we are blessed.

The Heart of Bethlehem, A Twenty-five Day Journey of Faith for the Christmas Season, is available in our shop. And for those not near, it’s for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers.

If you’re in town on Friday, December 1, we’re celebrating its release at the shop during the day beginning at 10:30 am. A book or two may even be signed by the author.

If you don’t choose this fare to supplement your Advent, we pray you’ll find something to keep you focused on Him. Here’s a suggestion or two:

Blessings and peace,

Carol & Stacy

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