Going Deeper into Respect: Week 2/Day 4

Freedom to Choose

Take time to consider the week’s Reflection Scripture and praise God as Sovereign before you approach His Word today.

Day 4:

Read Mark 1:40-45

What moved Jesus to heal the leper?

What instructions did Jesus give the man when He sent him away?

How did the man’s choice to disregard Jesus’s instructions affect His life?

The healed leper in his ecstasy spread the news about Jesus’s healing power. Because of the man’s choice, Jesus could no longer openly enter a town. He was greatly inconvenienced, being restricted to desolate places.

We have no record of Jesus disrespecting anyone who disregarded His instruction, this same scenario happened more than once (Mark 7:36, Matthew 9:30-31).

Have you found yourself inconvenienced by someone’s choice to disregard your instructions? How did you respond? Was your response respectful?

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