Going Deeper into Respect: Week 2/Day 5

Freedom to Choose

Return to the Reflection Thought. Consider your own freedom to choose and God’s Sovereignty behind every choice. Praise His name.

Day 5

Read John 13:1-27

What object lesson did Jesus teach His disciples?

What did He know about His disciples?

Where do you see Jesus’s respect for Judas in His action?

Jesus washed the feet of His twelve disciples. All of them, even the one He knew would betray Him.

After the teaching, what was Jesus’s primary emotion? How did He respond to Judas?

Judas’s choice caused Jesus much grief, yet Jesus respected Judas’s freedom to choose and His Father’s sovereignty in all things.

What about you? Do you react or respond to those who you know their choice will cause you pain? How should we respond?

[Feature Image Photo on blog by Michelle Tsang on Unsplash]

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