Going Deeper into Respect: Week 3/Day 1

Freedom to Walk Away

Reflection Scripture:

So then each of us will give an account of himself to God. Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother.

Romans 14:12-13 ESV

Day 1:

Read Luke 15:11-24

How many sons did the man have? What did the younger ask for? How did the father respond?

Do you see the father respecting the younger son’s freedom to walk away? Did his action include the older son too?

The younger son in asking for his “share” was basically wishing his father dead. He wanted his inheritance more than he wanted his father.

In response, the father divided his estate between both sons. He respected his younger son’s choice to walk away from the family, and in the process allotted the older son his inheritance too.

The younger son came to the end of himself. What do we see the father doing?

The father saw his wayward son “while he was still a long way off,” implying watchful waiting for his son’s return.

List the ways you see respect in the father’s actions toward the younger son.

[Feature Image Photo by Sam F on Unsplash]

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