Going Deeper into Respect: Week 3/Day 2

Freedom to Walk Away

Reflection Thoughts

Write the Reflection Scripture in your journal or on a piece of paper.

The first sentence of our Reflection Scripture can stir all kinds of emotions. What is your overall feeling when you read the first sentence and consider giving an account of yourself? Why?

Underline the word “therefore” in the Reflection Scripture. This word connects the two sentences in thought and action. Write the Scripture in your own words.

What are you mostly likely to judge in another? Why?

If you could place a block in the path of someone to keep them from walking away, who would you choose? What would the block look like?

Think of the paths you’ve taken to get to the place you are now with God. Did you go the wrong way at some point? How did the wrong way help bring you back to God?

How would your life and relationships look different if you replaced all judgment with respect?

Day 2

Read Luke 15:25-32

What was the older son’s reaction to his brother’s return and the welcome home party in his honor?

How did the father respect the older son’s choice to walk away from the celebration?

What was the older son’s complaint? Was it valid?

The elder brother was livid. He accused his father of treating him poorly and thought his brother undeserving of a celebration. In truth, his father’s belongings were already his. His father gave him more than a goat.

Does your heart resonate more with the older son’s attitude? Or the father’s?

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