Going Deeper into Respect: Week 3/Day 4

Freedom to Walk Away

Take time to consider the week’s Reflection Scripture and praise God as Judge before you approach His Word today.

Day 4:

Read Jude 1:17-23

What does Jude call Believers to remember? What results from the actions of the ungodly?

How are we to live in response to those who walk away from His Way?

Jesus told us ahead of time the symptoms of the end times. We should not be surprised. But it doesn’t mean we are to be resigned to the state of the lost.

Where the ungodly divide, Believers are to build one another up in faith, through prayer, God’s love, and mercy.

Consider how the actions of the godly differ from those of the ungodly. List the faith actions we are to take. What would each one look like for you?

[Feature Image Photo by Sam F on Unsplash]

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