Going Deeper into Respect: Week 4/Day 4


Take time to meditate on this week’s Reflection Scripture and praise God as the Author of life before doing today’s study.

Day 4:

Read Matthew 22:36-40

What did Jesus say the greatest commandment in the Law was? What was the second? Why did He consider these the greatest?

Look up the definition of law. How are laws and authority inextricably linked?

Law is established by an authority to set the conduct of a community. God, as the Author of life, set laws in place for His people.

Read Matthew 5:17-20

What did Jesus teach about the Law?

What does it mean for Jesus to fulfill the Law?

If Jesus has fulfilled the Law, how do we live in a manner to respect the Authority behind the law?

Do you? Explain.

[Feature Image Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash]

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