Going Deeper into Respect: Week 5/Day 2

God’s Unique Love

Reflection Thoughts:

Seal. Small engraved object.

Since their first creation as amulets, seals served as a sign of protection. An unbroken seal proved the contents had not been tampered with. They were also a mark of ownership, and used to validate a document.

(Tyndale Bible Dictionary)

Consider the moment God placed His seal on your heart. What do you remember? How did you view the world differently from that point on?

What emotions rise when you think about God’s ownership of you? Are you resistant in some way?

The writer asks to not only be set as a seal on the heart, but also the arm. An outward sign of an inner reality.

Do you wear or have an outward sign of God’s ownership of you? What does it mean? What does it reveal to others about His unique love for you?

Day 2: Love is as strong as death…

Read Romans 8:32-39

How is God’s unique love for His people revealed?

What are the benefits? What might we have to endure?

What are we considered? Does this sound like love?

How do we respect God’s unique love when He calls us to be treated the same way His Son was?

Are you willing to receive a sacrificial call as an opportunity to love? Why or why not?

Who would you die for. Why?

[Feature Image Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash]

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