Going Deeper into Share: Week 1/Day 2

[An apology: If you missed the first one, we neglected to post the homework for the first week of Going Deeper into Share. Here is day two… they will continue to come… one after another… Sorry.]

The Heart of Fellowship

Reflection Thoughts:

Fellowship. Communion with God, which results in common participation with other believers in the Spirit of God and God’s blessings. (Tyndale Bible Dictionary)

Read or write the Reflection Scripture. What is the essential component shared in order to fellowship with other Believers?

Think about your friends, the people you do life with, work with. Is there one who shares what they have experienced of God? How has their sharing drawn you into fellowship?

In the Reflection Scripture, who does John say the original disciples’ fellowship is with?

Father, Son, Spirit: a perfect community, a holy fellowship. The Spirit is the One who connects us to Father and Son. How do you feel about God’s invitation to share in His fellowship?

Look up the definition of fellowship.

Using the definitions, consider how you fellowship with each person of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Spirit.

Does one aspect of God’s character seem more comfortable to you? Which is most difficult? Why? How might you share more intimate fellowship with Him?

Day 2:

Read Matthew 28:16-20

What has Jesus been given? Why is this significant?

What did He authorize His disciples to do? How are they called to do it?

baptizo: The Greek translated as baptizing means the repeated dipping, submersion, with the idea of long-term exposure, as in the pickling process (Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon).

When making disciples, what are we to baptize them in?

Character is a great synonym for the word name.

Re-write His instructions for making disciples, replacing baptizing with pickling and name with character. What comes to light about the process of making disciples?

What do we share in making disciples? How is fellowship an integral part of disciple making?

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