Going Deeper into Share: Week 1/Day 5

[Final apology (for now): We neglected to post the daily homework for the first week of Going Deeper into Share, therefore you’ve received them en masse. Here is the final day. Amen. Thanks for your grace.]

The Heart of Fellowship

Return to the Reflection Thoughts. Consider how your communion with God forms the foundation of all your fellowship. Praise Him once again as Friend.

Day 5:

Seeking Perspective through Examen

Breathe deep as you approach God in prayer. Praise Him. Ask Him to reveal His will and way for you.

Prayerfully consider your times of fellowship this week. Which one drew you to God? Why? What emotions rise as you reflect on this time of fellowship?

When did you feel farthest from Him when it came to fellowship? What incited the separation?

Consider the Trinity’s perspective as you reflect on your week’s participation in fellowship.

The Father’s perspective: What is the eternal aspect of the fellowship you experienced this week? How might He be using it for His glory? your good?

The Son’s perspective: Did you embrace or resist grace in your times of fellowship this week? Why?

The Spirit’s perspective: What aspects of fellowship revealed the sanctifying work of the Spirit in your life? What revealed an increase in holiness? What exposed sin? How might you decrease your self in times of fellowship, so His influence might increase? (John 3:30)

Close your prayer of examen as God leads. Give thanks, confess and repent, sing a song of praise, or recite a psalm.

Consider writing notes of your experience in your journal.

[Feature Image Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash]

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