Going Deeper into Share: Week 2/Day 5

Return to the Reflection Thoughts. Consider how to share your testimony, the one He wants to use as an expression of love to someone. Praise Him for the purpose He has in all things.

Day 5:

Seeking Perspective through Examen

Close your eyes. Breathe in… Breathe out…

This week we studied and discussed the power of sharing our stories. What portion of your story drew you closer to God? Which part left you feeling far from Him?

What story is God calling you to share? What resistance stirs in you?

The Father’s perspective: Consider the eternal purpose of the story God is calling you to share. He allowed this to come into your life. How has He used it for your good? For the good of others?

The Son’s perspective: Jesus’s very breath pours out forgiveness and grace over us. How have you embraced His grace in your story? Is there something you still can’t quite surrender to His grace? Why?

The Spirit’s perspective: How has the Spirit used your story to transform you? Are you different than before? How? What would have to decrease in you for you to share your story?

Close your time of prayer with a song of praise or a Psalm. Give thanks. Maybe take a praise walk, all the while talking to Jesus as your friend.

[Feature Image Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash]

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