Going Deeper into Share: Week 3/Day 5


Day 5:

Seeking Perspective through Examen

Begin your prayer time by focusing your mind and body on Him. Breathe in… Breathe out…

Did you recognize or notice your gifts this week? Were you surprised? scared? do you feel anxious about one in particular? Why? Is there a gift you would rather not acknowledge or use?

The Father’s perspective: You were created and gifted for eternal purpose. What gift did you use this week to invest in eternity? Which gift caused you to pause? maybe even leave neatly wrapped on the shelf? Why? What eternal purpose does He have for this gift? Will you trust it to His use?

The Son’s perspective: Each gift given is a gift of grace. In Christ our gifts become grace to others. What moment this week did you find joy or surprise in a gift you used? Why? Did you miss an opportunity to use your gifts? How did it feel? Will it be different next time?

The Spirit’s perspective: Most often we think of gifts as something to give someone else. We give them away. But the beauty of God’s gifts to us is the Spirit’s ability to use them to draw us near to God. What moment did Holy spirit use your gifts to bring you closer to the Sacred this week?

Close your time of prayer gazing at Spring’s beauty. Give thanks for your gifts and the beauty they bring to God’s Kingdom when you share them.

[Feature Image Photo by Bence Boros on Unsplash]

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