Going Deeper into Share: Week 4/Day 4

Share: What We Have

Return to the Reflection Scripture, meditate on what it would be like to have all things in common with the Believers in your community. Praise Him as the One who provides all you have.

Day 4:

Read 1Peter 4:9

How are we to practice hospitality?

Look up the definition of hospitable.

How is sharing involved in hospitality?

The Greek translated as grumbling means “a murmur… a secret debate… a secret displeasure not openly avowed” (Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon).

What causes us to grumble inwardly when it comes to sharing what we have with others? Why do we hide our bad attitude about sharing?

Confess your inner grumblings openly to God when it comes to sharing what you have with others. Ask Him to change your heart so you can share with joy and reflect His love to others.

[Feature Image Photo by Elaine Casap on Unsplash]

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