Going Deeper into Share: Week 4/Day 5

Share: What We Have

Day 5:

Seeking Perspective through Examen

God lavishly provides all we need. What did you share this week that brought you closer to God? Did you notice something you weren’t willing to share?

The Father’s perspective: The things God has given us have eternal value. All things ultimately belong to the Creator. Is there some God-given gift you have mistakenly taken ownership of? Why? Is it something you feel you’ve earned, something you’ve worked hard for? In the perspective of eternity, is it really yours? What eternal value does it contain if you keep it for yourself?

The Son’s perspective: It is only because of Grace we have anything. Every moment of time and every penny in our pocket represents His love for us. Sharing what we have is like pouring out Jesus on others. Who did you pour Grace over this week? How did it make your feel?

The Spirit’s perspective: Holy Spirit calls us to give so that we and others might grow closer to God. How did you grow closer in your sharing or refusal to share? What will you do differently next time?

Give thanks or sing a song of thanksgiving to close your time of prayer.

[Feature Image Photo by Elaine Casap on Unsplash]

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