Going Deeper into Share: Week 5/Day 2

Becoming Less to Become More

Reflection Thoughts:

Write or say the Reflection Scripture.

communion – an act or instance of sharing; capitalized: a Christian sacrament in which consecrated bread and wine are consumed as memorials of Christ’s death or as symbols of the realization of a spiritual union between Christ and communicant or as the body and blood of Christ; intimate fellowship or rapport (Merriam-Webster’s)

Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” And then He broke the bread and shared Himself with others. Jesus literally shared His body and blood. In what ways did Jesus, in the flesh, decrease?

Are there areas in your life you feel must be broken in order to share? What keeps you from allowing the decrease? In what ways might you increase in sharing it?

Imagine yourself at the table with Jesus. Take the bread from His hand, hear Him say: This is My body broken for you. Sip from the cup He presents to you, hear Him: This is my blood poured out for you.

Consider the ways you might increase when you come to His table.

Make the Reflection Scripture your prayer:

Lord, You must increase in my life, but I must decrease to love like You. I must decrease for You to increase. Let this be so. Amen.

Day 2:

Read Philippians 2:5-11

How did Jesus become less? What extreme did He go to? What did God do in response to Jesus becoming less?

We are called to have the same attitude as Christ. He instructs His disciples: Take up your cross and follow Me (Matthew 16:24).

In light of Jesus becoming less to become more, what does it mean to take up your cross and follow Him? What stirs in your heart? What specifics come to mind, when you consider having the same attitude as Christ?

How can you see yourself becoming more in the process of becoming less through sharing?

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