Going Deeper into Share: Week 5/Day 5

Becoming Less to Become More

Start by blessing Him with praise. Praise Him for the infinite ways He can fill your life.

Day 5: Seeking Perspective through Examen

God invites you to come. Breathe in His hospitality. Enter the Holy, as you breathe out your worry and concern for the day. Take a moment to just be who you are in Him.

Consider the ways your heart has been moved when it comes to sharing this week. What emotions rise to the surface when you think about the personal decrease it takes to share. Is there something in your life that seems too risky to share.

The Father’s perspective: What holds you back from sharing? Is it possible you might not have enough left over? Get hurt in some way? Our God is full of infinite possibilities, provisions, and creativity. What eternal work might He be up to in you? In others?

The Son’s perspective: Grace gently encourages us to open ourselves to sharing, to take the risk. Consider how grace covers your reluctance to share and enables you to open yourself further.

The Spirit’s perspective: What might the Spirit be working in you to enable you to share without hesitation? What could it do for others?

As you close your prayer, breathe in His infinite Spirit, then see yourself going forward breathing out His grace on those He places in your path.

[Feature Image Photo by Kamil Szumotalski on Unsplash]

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