Going Deeper into Give: Week 1/Day 2

Bought at a Price

Reflection Thoughts:

Write the week’s Reflection Scripture.

What did Christ do to make the way for Him to be Lord over both the dead and the living?

What is significant about both the dead and living being subject to the price Christ paid?

What does it mean for Believers? unbelievers?

No one lives to himself or herself. No. One. What Christ did on the cross and His Father did in resurrecting Him brought everyone under His Lordship.

Begin looking at your life as being bought and paid for. Is Christ getting a good deal?

Look at the lives of those in your world as being bought and paid for. Do you see them differently?

If you know you have been bought and paid for at a very high price, as a Believer, how are you serving the One who bought you?

Day 2:

Read Psalm 107

Who is called to give thanks to the Lord?

What moved God to redeem?

What did He redeem them from? List the distresses and their cause. List the varied ways God delivered them.

Has He redeemed you? What was your distress before you called on Him for salvation?

Look up the definition of redeem. What part of the definition speaks to your heart?

How do you feel about Him as Redeemer in the wake of deliverance?

[Feature Image Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash]

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