Going Deeper into Give: Week 1/Day 5

Bought at a Price

Before moving into the spiritual discipline, give some time to prayer.

Praise Him as Redeemer, thank Him for His lavish gift of grace.

Day 5:

Give: God-Centered

You were bought at a price. Purchased by the body and blood of Christ.

Think about your most treasured possession, maybe your home or education.

What did it take to get it?

purchase – to obtain through exchange of money, labor, danger, or sacrifice (Merriam Webster).

Every gift Jesus gave began with one thing in mind. His focus was and is to bring us to a complete and full relationship with God.

When we give our focus must be the same. Each gift given is a sacrifice centered on God.

Consider the gifts you have given this week. Did they take sacrifice on your part? What was the heart of your giving?

Have you ever thought or said, “I didn’t even get a thank you.” Why did this matter to you?

Consider giving an anonymous gift within the next week. Ask God what the gift might be. Give in a way no one except your Heavenly Father knows.

[Feature Image by Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash]

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