Going Deeper into Give: Week 2/Day 2

Give: Openhanded

Reflection Thoughts:

Begin by writing the Reflection Scripture or reading it out loud.

enrich: to make rich or richer especially by the addition or increase of some desirable quality, attribute, or ingredient: such as: to add beauty to, adorn; to enhance the taste; to make (a soil) more fertile; to improve the nutritive value of (a food) by adding nutrients (such as vitamins or amino acids) and especially by restoring part of the nutrients lost in processing; to process so as to add or increase the proportion of a desirable ingredient (Merriam-Webster’s)

You will be enriched to be generous. In what ways has God enriched your life? Added an increase, adorned, enhanced, made more fertile? Is it more than you can hold in your hand?

Imagine for a moment God’s enrichment pouring into your open hand. What happens to the overflow?

God enriches our lives so we might open our hands in the most generous of ways. Are you openhanded with His abundant generosity?

Or are you striving to hold onto everything you’ve been given? Do you spend much energy trying to catch and maintain all His goodness?

What is God calling you to open wide in your giving? Ask Him to reveal where you’ve clutched your fingers tight. Refused to let go of what He’s given.

Find a quiet place and sit with your hands open toward the heavens as you give thanks for God’s enrichment.

Day 2:

Read Psalm 136

Write Psalm 136 as a prayer of thanks and praise. Make it personal.

Where do you see His love given through creation?

What great wonders has He done for you?

Where has He given you deliverance?

In response to His openhanded giving, give Him openhanded thanks and praise each remaining day of Going Deeper into Give for His unfailing love.

[Feature Image Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash]

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