Going Deeper into Give: Week 2/Day 5


Before examining your giving, praise Him as Creator.

Are you seeing Him in a new light?

What about yourself? who are you before Him?

Day 5:

Give: Spirit-Inspired

Read Psalm 104 again. Focus on the activity of the Creator. What actions does He take?

What in all creation marvels you? Is it an animal, the water cycle, maybe an insect? What is it about creation that inspires awe in you?

It is a weighty thought to consider God’s inspiration. To think all we see, experience, and touch comes from Inspiration Himself.

What inspires God?

Love. Love overflowed from God’s open hand and the world became. It is still happening. Love flowing down from the Father, inspiring us to give as well.

Consider the picture below. What draws your attention? Catches your eye?

Sister Talk Faith-give-openhanded.jpg
What is God pouring into your hands? How does it overflow to others? What purpose do the hands have?

When God inspires giving, our hands become the direction of His overflow. He uses our unique lives to splash love into the world.

Consider your giving this week. Focus on the Living Water overflowing through your open hands. How did He overflow through you?

Spirit-inspired giving impacts eternity. Ask God to prepare you to give solely as the Spirit inspires. Be prepared with open hands.

[Feature Image Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash]

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