Going Deeper into Give: Week 3/Day 2

The Fruit We Bear

Reflection Thoughts:

Begin by writing the Reflection Scripture or reading it out loud.

Giving gifts is part of our culture. We choose the gift, purchase the gift and present it to someone. Our Reflection Scripture points to another type of giving. One we don’t have much to do with.

Think about a fruit tree. Does it choose the fruit it bears? When the fruit appears or who receives the fruit?

In the Scripture, seed is grown in good soil. What makes the soil of our hearts good? What does the one with good soil do with God’s Word?

What are you doing to hear the Word? Understand it more?

As you go deeper into God’s Word, have you noticed more fruit?

Is there a place where fruit is lacking? What might you do to till the soil of your heart in this area?

Remember God is the source of all the fruit we yield. Abundance comes in due season for those we meet along the way.

Consider making your reflection time more hands on this week. Plant flowers, tend the soil, sit at the base of a tall tree as you ask God to increase the harvest in you.

Day 2:

Read Matthew 13:1-23

What method did Jesus use to teach to the crowds gathered by the sea? How did He speak?

Did He teach His disciples differently? How? Why the difference do you think?

The parable recorded here is about a farmer sowing seed. Jesus explained the mystery of the parable to His disciples.

List the four different types of soil, their characteristics, and what they produced. What hinders the bearing of fruit? What environment is best suited for fruit-bearing?

Consider the soil of your soul. What can you do to improve the spiritual environment of your life?

[Feature Image Photo by Bill Williams on Unsplash]

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