Going Deeper into Give: Week 3/Day 5

The Fruit We Bear

Again, praise Him as the Vine through Whom we live and grow.

Through praise, does He reveal Himself to you in a new way?

Do you see yourself differently?

Day 5:

Give: Kingdom Vision

Read Galatians 5:22-23

Make a list of the attributes of the fruit of the Spirit.

Love, joy, peace… these are not things one can purchase at the store or even manufacture at will. These are gifts given by the Spirit, and their primary focus is building the Kingdom in us and others.

As our vision becomes more and more fine tuned on God, we are blessed with an abundance of fruit to give to others.

Think about your week in light of the fruit of the Spirit. Where did you find yourself giving in ways you might not have noticed before? In what ways can you imagine this fruit building His Kingdom?

Have you found yourself lacking in some area? Is it possible you are focused on something other than the Kingdom?

Whenever you enjoy eating fruit this week, whether apple, tomato, or berries, savor the taste. As you eat pray for those you will encounter along the journey. Those who need the nourishment of God’s love, kindness, or joy. Ask God to build His Kingdom through your giving.

[Feature Image Photo by Bill Williams on Unsplash]

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