Going Deeper into Encourage: Week 3/Day 3

Come Alongside

Prayer of Praise:

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.

Psalm 100:4


:the quality or state of being strong: capacity for exertion or endurance

:power to resist force: solidity, toughness

:power of resisting attack: impregnability

:a legal, logical, or moral force

God is our Strength, the force behind our endurance. He enables us to resist the forces of evil and stand firm against the enemy’s attack. His strength sets us free from condemnation, provides the reason for our salvation and righteousness.

Praise Him for coming alongside as your Strength.

Day 3:

Read John 4:1-15

Who did Jesus encounter at the well? How did He come alongside her?

What was her response? Why?

What was the result of His reaching out to her?

What did He want her to find?

Jesus reached across prejudice and tradition to find common ground and a way to encourage her to seek what she was truly thirsty for.

Picture someone you believe you have nothing in common with. Now, get down to the basics. Where is there common ground? Can you see yourself coming alongside to encourage someone you might not have believed you could? Explain.

[Feature Image by Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash]

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