Unfolding Enough: Faith’s Building Blocks



Our lives are governed by rhythms in many ways. The day’s light and dark help determine when we wake and when we sleep. We move through different seasons of the year which help us define times of planting and harvest, work and rest. Seasons can even define the clothes we choose for the day.

God’s creation is full of rhythm. It only makes sense our spiritual lives would have rhythm too.

Read John 2:1-4

  • What does Jesus’ response reveal about His understanding of timing and seasons in life?

Briefly jot down the rhythm of your day.  Include the time you wake up and the time you go to sleep. Consider the time of day you feel the best and the most weary. Are you a morning, afternoon or evening person?

Read Mark 1:35

  • What do you see Jesus doing in this verse?
  • Consider the words of Mark again. What is at the heart of Jesus’ actions?
  • When do you spend time with God? What do you do during your sacred time?

Developing a sacred rhythm is not about resolving to “do” more. It is about giving God control of our lives in a way that naturally draws us to the Holy. This can look different for each of us.

As you go about your week be attentive to the times you feel drawn to be with God. Take note in some way by jotting it down in a journal or making note on your phone. Learning to live in a sacred rhythm wholly connected to God takes much listening.

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