Unfolding Enough: Faith’s Building Blocks


Merriam-Webster’s defines curiosity as “a desire to know.”

Asking questions, digging for answers, and waiting for revelation builds our relationship with God on many levels. What is your primary resource when it comes to questions about God and your spiritual journey?

Read Matthew 7:7-8

  • What does Jesus promise to those who ask, seek, and knock?
  • What questions have you been asking lately?
  • Are you willing to express your doubt to God? Why?

Jesus’ teaching is not a one and done mentality. It is continuous. The Amplified version says, “Ask and keep on asking… seek and keep on seeking… knock and keep on knocking.”

  • Are there questions you’ve stopped asking? Things you’ve given up on?

Asking questions, wrestling with God’s Word is not a sign of weakness or unbelief. It takes guts, a certain boldness to stand before the heavenly Father and ask hard questions. Curiosity about the things of God inspires us to dig deeper into His Word, pray fervently for revelation, and wait patiently for the answers.

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