Unfolding Enough: In His Presence


Invite God into your quiet time as you read the story.

The Land of Not Enough

I used to live there, sometimes I return, to a place I call the Land of Not Enough – LONE for short. Maybe you’ve been there too. The place where nothing and everything is “Not Enough.”

LONE was a dark and gloomy place with dreadful weather. The sun never shined enough, rarely enough rain watered the ground. The temperature climbed too high or fell too low. And oh how the wind howled through every season constantly screaming, “You’re not enough… you never will be!”

Fear was my mode of transportation in the land. Moving, moving, always moving in the hopes of being or finding enough. Yet nothing satisfied. No relationship or possession. No amount of education or career achievement. I built houses on streets named Money or Time… Tall or Skinny… Talented or Smart. And none of these were ever enough.

Residents of the land were do-it-yourselfers, independent people who never asked for help. Because if you did achieve enough with someone’s help it wasn’t REALLY enough. I was a LONEr, a citizen of the land. I trudged through my days with a smile on my face and discontent hidden in every corner of my mind. It stirred my jealousy when others seemed to have enough. Judgement crept in when others missed the mark. This was a land where no authentic relationship could be found.

Throughout my life in the land there were many opportunities to move out. There were times I heard of a better place… whisperings of a different way. I happened on others who somehow found a place where they were enough, but I couldn’t imagine it. A place free from striving and working and fear. A Kingdom whose Rruler loved no matter the achievement or failure. Where residents didn’t have to obtain enough.

Could this place be real? Did it exist? A Kingdom where just being me would be enough for the King? Would He really want me to live there? Does He know I am worn, weary, and at my absolute best I’m not enough? Does He realize I would be a burden…? a total fixer-upper? Does He know I am not worth it?

Read the story again, maybe twice.

  • What emotions stir in you as you read the story?
  • Is there something familiar about the land? A time you too have lived there?

Consider journaling your thoughts and feelings when you imagine entering God’s throne room.

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