Unfolding Enough: In His Presence


Esther was a part of two vital communities. She was held a position in the royal community but she was also a member of the Jewish community. The Jewish community held her roots, it was where she came from.

Read Esther 4:4-14

  • What were the constraints of Esther’s royal community membership?

Mordecai’s words in Esther 4:14 gently reminded Esther of her place in the Jewish community.

  • What unique opportunity did Esther have as queen?
  • What was Mordecai certain of when it came to the Jews?

Esther had a clash of communities so to speak. Her words revealed she didn’t see herself as enough. Not to enter the king’s presence or save her people. And it was no wonder. In the Jewish community she was an orphan, a child with no parents. In the royal community no one was aware of her true identity.

So often we avoid God’s presence because we want to hide our identity. Funny thing is, we can only be our truest self in God presence.

  • What do you often hide from others about yourself? Are there things you try to hide from God?
  • How does this affect the way you live in community with the Trinity and others?

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