Unfolding Enough: Never Misunderstood


Read 1Samuel 16:1-7

What moved Samuel to believe Eliab was the one to be anointed?

According to this verse, what do men often look at when it comes to evaluating others?

What does God look at?

Much time is spent attempting to help others understand us. We look for the right words to explain our innermost thoughts. We share our emotions and pain in ways we hope others will understand. Many are the times we walk away feeling like no one gets it, like all our words fall flat on the floor. Sometimes we’re injured by the twisting and misuse of our words.

Add to this the fact that we live in a culture where outward appearance and actions are valued more than what’s going on inside and it creates a people reluctant to share, refusing to open up, and determining to live feeling misunderstood. We are a lonely people imprisoned in relationships where no one is listening and all any of us really want is to be truly heard and completely understood.

Think of Jeremiah’s pouring out yesterday. Today let’s complete our reading.

Read Jeremiah 15:19-21

Jeremiah’s prayer didn’t end in his angry outburst. Once his emotions were spent, he listened to hear what God would say.

What was God’s response to Jeremiah? 

What does God’s response reveal about where God was looking as Jeremiah prayed?

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